Why Your Startup Needs Revenue Goals

Tricia Levasseur
7 min readJan 28, 2019
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Fuel growth through revenue:

Selling has changed thanks to the internet. Even just 25 years ago, nobody knew more about a product or service than the sales person. Now that’s not the case anymore. Buyers are empowered and technology is changing the way salespeople engage with prospects.

The modern seller’s world is driven by data. But a constant stream of information can overwhelm sales reps and hurt productivity. Sales enablement professionals create systems to make data a true asset.

So how can you make this work at your company and drive revenue through sales? The first step to implementing a sales enablement strategy is figuring out what you want to achieve.

Below we’ll investigate:
* Visions vs Goals
* How to Craft a Revenue Goal
* 3 Ways to Make Sales Enablement Helpful
* Sales Enablement Technology

Visions vs Goals:

The purpose of sales enablement is to help your company make more sales, but that shouldn’t be the end result. You need a vision of what you hope those additional sales will help you do. It’s important to distinguish a vision from a goal. You need both in order to succeed, but they play different roles.

A goal is a metric outcome you can check off a list. Your goal for implementing a sales enablement strategy might be to increase your company’s monthly revenue from $1.5 million to $4 million by the end of the year. So, if your company didn’t hit $4 million by the end of December, then you know you haven’t achieved your goal.

A vision is a state of affairs you want to bring into being. Without a sensible vision, a transformation effort can easily dissolve into a list of confusing and incompatible projects that can take the organization in the wrong direction or nowhere at all. In failed transformations, you often find plenty of plans, directives, and programs but no vision. For your company, the vision might be moving to a nicer location or being able to offer employees…

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