This is the Biggest Benefit Accelerators Offer Startups

Zero-equity accelerators in Boston and Berlin show us how acceleration is one big marketing tool:

What exactly is an Accelerator?:

The location of your business is a marketing tool:

Acceleration is really all about marketing:

What’s different about acceleration?

Zero-equity acceleration in Boston and Berlin:

MassChallenge Accelerator:

Credit: MassChallenge
Credit: MassChallenge

GTEC Lab Accelerator:

Credit: GTEC Center
Building B2B startups workshop at NewStore — Credit: Tricia Levasseur
GTEC Demo Day at Unicorn — Credit: Tricia Levasseur

The biggest benefit of acceleration is marketing:

Marketing Executive combining Storytelling & Digitial Technology. Techstars Mentor. Former Bloomberg Journalist. Cambridge MBA.

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