Sales Storytelling for Startups

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.

Selling has Changed:

Introduction to Storytelling:

Storytelling Framework:

Photo by Startaê Team on Unsplash.

Build your business on a story foundation:

Storytelling is a Superb Tool for Startup Founders:’s Co-Founder captivating the crowd at GTEC’s Demo Day in Berlin.

Buyer Personas help you clarify your customer:

Buyer Persona Example
Buyer Persona Example
Generate your buyer personas with this free tool.

Understand your customer’s journey:

Typical Sales Funnel
HubSpot’s Flywheel Graphic

Extra Reading — Jobs Theory:

Competing Against Luck book
Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen giving a guest lecture on ‘Jobs Theory’.

Mapping your go-to-market sales strategy:

Your lead is ready to buy — proposal time!:

Include a strong email signature:

Email Signature Generator

Sample Sales Proposal Content:

Proposal Cover Example

Integrating sales story and sales tech:

Using a basic CRM for sales enablement:

HubSpot CRM contact page view.
Example of HubSpot CRM’s Deal Pipeline view.

Don’t forget to delight!:

Invoice Template Generator

Marketing Executive combining Storytelling & Digitial Technology. Techstars Mentor. Former Bloomberg Journalist. Cambridge MBA.

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