Launch a New Income Stream in 3 Days

Tricia Levasseur
9 min readMay 7, 2020
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Business has Changed:

The announcement that Coronavirus (COVID-19) was at full pandemic status changed how companies — large and small — conduct their business overnight. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a global concern on March 11, 2020. Seems like ages ago now doesn’t it?

Businesses in all corners of the globe in this era of Coronavirus are constantly being forced to rethink everything from safety in daily operations management for staff to value in supply chain management.

Quick thinking is producing fast business pivots. And these new strategies that companies are beginning to introduce to function in a social distancing economy will not take life back to normal, according to business leaders and experts. Instead, experts believe the crisis could permanently upend the way we work, shop and manage our businesses.

With business changing forever, many leaders from entrepreneurs to corporate executives, are looking for methods to not only keep companies profitable, but grow profits too, as the world finds its way in this developing new normal.

Since basically all of us are facing the exact same challenge — keep business alive during a pandemic with national shutdowns — I am going to take a closer look at how a tech startup not only did a quick pivot and is making it but also at some techniques that can help companies launch a new income stream in as little as three days.

Making Fast Pivots:

Clustered is a Berlin founded and headquartered technology company that specializes in professional networking and development. Initially Clustered focused just on women and it was mostly for the Berlin area. The company held many offline events when it was first launching to get people together and spread the word.

Official Launch Event for Clustered: August 2018, Berlin © Tricia Levasseur

I was introduced to the company’s Founder, Rotem Carmely, earlier in 2018 via a mutual friend who at the time worked at GERMANTECH, an entrepreneurship center for founding teams in Berlin.

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