Launch a New Income Stream in 3 Days

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash.

Business has Changed:

Making Fast Pivots:

Official Launch Event for Clustered: August 2018, Berlin © Tricia Levasseur
Clustered’s event details for ‘Launch a New Income Stream in 3 Days’.

How to Align Business to Coronavirus Regulations:

Berlin’s UBahn, first week of COVID shutdown: 17 March 2020 © Tricia Levasseur
Workshopping online in Coronavirus times — speaker’s screen share of slides: 6 May 2020 © Tricia Levasseur

Hacks for Fast Feedback:

Tools to Help Business Adapt Fast to Uncertainty:

Getting your COVID Business Pivot Started:

Marketing Executive combining Storytelling & Digitial Technology. Techstars Mentor. Former Bloomberg Journalist. Cambridge MBA.

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