Hi Eilif, welcome to Medium. I’ve been writing on the platform for a few years now. I read your comment on my story but I don’t think it is for me the author, but more for Medium. All articles written by all authors remain published unless we delete our writing history. I stand-behind my article. Those predictions were solid with every company on the list closing additional funding since then plus N26 also became a unicorn. Valued at $3.5b in July 2019. I’ve written a few articles mentiong N26 over the years. In any case, I have a business article (that also mentions Berlin!) that was pushed just two days ago on the current situation. It’s called “Launch an Income Stream in Three Days”. You can read it here: https://medium.com/@cambridgetricia/launch-a-new-income-stream-in-3-days-1f6ea9125fe4?source=friends_link&sk=41da9c280fa87ba99b9082382d60e623

Marketing Executive combining Storytelling & Digitial Technology. Techstars Mentor. Former Bloomberg Journalist. Cambridge MBA. www.ShowMeMyCustomers.com

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