Germany’s Got Funds: Investors are Going for Deals in Deutschland

Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz: Credit Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

Venture Capital increased by 88% in 2017 with Berlin getting 2/3rds:

Berlin’s the engine of Germany’s startup industry:

Berlin held Germany’s top venture capital transactions for 2017:

Number of companies in Germany taking venture capital investment during 2017 by region: Source — EY

Top regions in Germany by raised venture capital in 2017:

Total number of venture capital rounds in Germany by state for 2017: Source — EY

Unicorn horns are sprouting around Germany:

Number of venture capital transactions vs the total transaction value for Germany, euro millions: Source — EY

Germany’s startup ecosystem has room, and potential, for growth:

2017 venture capital investment for the United States vs the European Union — Source via Handelsblatt

Reasons for increased venture capital funding in Germany:

Total venture capital funding for Germany by sector in millions of euros: Source — EY

The sky is the limit:

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