Europe’s HOT And Running Out Of Beer

S’Arenal Beach, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain — Copyright Tricia Levasseur

The ongoing heatwave in Europe is fuelling not only dangerous fires but demand for beer:

From no bottles to no bubbles, Europe’s having beer problems:

Supermarket bottle recycling center at Lidl in Berlin — Copyright Tricia Levasseur
Recycling at the Pfandautomat in Berlin — Copyright Tricia Levasseur

“There are always delays getting bottles back in the summer months, but this year the problem is particularly acute.”
-Marc-Oliver Huhnholz, Spokesman, German Brewers Association

“We need your help although we regularly buy new empty bottles, they’re becoming scarce in our bottling facility. So before you go on summer holidays, please bring your Moritz Fiege empties back to the shop. First the deposit, then the party!”
— Fiege Brewery, Facebook Appeal

London’s City skyscrapers alongside the Thames River and Tower of London — Copyright Tricia Levasseur

Britain’s beer is running out of bubbles:

UK newspapers report on Britain’s beer woes- Source: Guardian
Toronto tourist visiting London’s Borough Market for fish n’ chips and a pint - Copyright Tricia Levasseur

“Supply issues here in the UK are being further complicated by a combination of planned plant shutdowns and unexpected equipment failure, in particular in connection with one of the two major national producers of bulk CO2.”
- Spokesperson, British Beer and Pubs Association

Source: NASA Earth Observatory

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