EF: We’ll Pay You to Launch a Startup

Calling all Hackers:

Why Berlin:

Berlin Lead Zefi Hennessy Holland speaking at EF’s launch event — Factory Mitte, 22 February 2018

“Entrepreneur First can help super ambitious people start companies.”

- Zefi Hennessy Holland, EF Berlin Lead

How Entrepreneur First Works:

  • Apply for April 3rd start date
  • Attend interview
  • Join the cohort and get paid €2,000 per month during the program
  • Participants find co-founders from the cohort
  • If a founding team and business concept is identified, the pair will then be eligible for investment from EF’s fund
  • Participants that don’t want to continue to the next step get to keep the full stipend paid for being on the program.

EF Founder’s Persceptive:

Holca-Lamarre (left) speaks at the EF Berlin launch along with Berlin Lead Zefi Hennessy Holland (right).

Entrepreneur First — The Data:

EF Berlin launch event at Factory Mitte — 22 February 2018.

Berlin Deadline:



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Tricia Levasseur

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