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Festive occasions are always fun. But this year annual holidays are crucial because they are helping people meet important physical and psychological needs during these strange COVID-19 pandemic times. Holidays can inject a bit of normalcy into our new way of living under various levels of lockdowns. …

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Business has Changed:

The announcement that Coronavirus (COVID-19) was at full pandemic status changed how companies — large and small — conduct their business overnight. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a global concern on March 11, 2020. Seems like ages ago now doesn’t it?

Businesses in all corners of the globe…

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Fuel growth through revenue:

Selling has changed thanks to the internet. Even just 25 years ago, nobody knew more about a product or service than the sales person. Now that’s not the case anymore. Buyers are empowered and technology is changing the way salespeople engage with prospects.

The modern seller’s world is driven by…

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Selling has Changed:

Chatbots, AI, machine learning — sales, like other industries, is changing rapidly because of technology. Just 25 years ago, a salesperson held all the information and as such — the power. Potential customers usually didn’t know more about something than the salesperson.

Today, thanks to the internet, buyers are empowered…

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Startups wanting to drive revenue through engaged marketing conversations and high sales closing rates will win big in 2019 by supporting their people with the coolest tech tools.

That’s because leveraging powerful platforms and applications for sales enablement provides savvy salespeople with a major competitive advantage by helping them close…

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The digital bank N26 has raised an additional $300m (USD) to fund its international expansion and at the same time received an updated valuation of $2.7 billion (USD). Analysts say that’s three times the startup’s valuation from 10 months ago when it closed a Series C round for $160 million.

Berlin’s Broadcast Tower at Alexanderplatz — photo by Wouter de Koster on Unsplash.

Berlin is Europe’s second largest city and the European Union’s second largest startup hub. Today the largest startup hub inside the single market is London but that will change if the UK completes the Brexit process on March 29th.

As British politicians argue amongst themselves and with the European Union…

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3 resolutions to kick-start 2019 in Berlin:

Looking back at 2018, one of my most popular articles on Medium was my prediction piece titled Berlin’s Got Talent: 5 Startups to Watch in 2018. Indeed all my top picks had continued success throughout the year. For example, the mobile bank N26 did further prepare to enter the UK…

Still image from Google Assistant ‘Home Alone’ advertisement — Winter 2018.

It’s a Christmas classic kids love to watch. Indeed Home Alone remains the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time at the North American Box office when adjusted for inflation. And if you’re as old as I am, you’ll recall seeing the 1990 blockbuster film at the cinema. …

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If you’re a new entrepreneur, it’s possible that you might be happy to land any job or project. Those first deals might feel like they are life or death — because in the beginning when you’re getting the word out that you’re open for business, it’s likely that customers aren’t…

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