7 Memoirs By Writers That Became Blockbuster Movies

Tricia Levasseur
7 min readJul 18, 2018
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Personal stories written by these seven women about real life also made blockbuster films in reel time.

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1 & 2. Julie and Julia: My Year Cooking Dangerously by Julie Powell and My Life in France by Julia Child were transformed by Nora Ephron into the 2009 hit film Julie and Julia. So this point counts for two books. Both women begin their story at a crossroads in their lives and cooking helps them discover and realize their dreams. The film weaves the life of chef Julia Child in the early years of her culinary career with the life of young New Yorker Julie Powell.

Powell was employed as a civil servant, spending her days working in a cubicle. Questioning the meaning of her life, she decides to add some spice by attempting to cook all 524 recipes in Child’s cookbook in 365 days and blog about it as it all happened. Her blog titled The Julie/Julia Project became so popular, it got her the book deal. Meryl Steep stars as Julia Child and Amy Adams plays Julie Powell.

“[Julie & Julia] does it right. A consummate entertainment that echoes the rhythms and attitudes of classic Hollywood, it’s a satisfying throwback to those old-fashioned movie fantasies where impossible dreams do come true. And, in this case, it really happened. Twice.”

Kenneth Turan, Film Critic, Los Angeles Times

Julie and Julia is the first major motion picture based on a blog. It grossed nearly $130 million (USD) at the box office worldwide.

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