4 Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople

Tricia Levasseur
3 min readNov 9, 2018

Selling is a lot of hard work:

The digital technology explosion over the last 10 years has completely transformed the sales process. People who need to sell are under more pressure than ever before as they adjust to nail the story and master the technology.

Smaller teams, especially scrappy ones at startups and scaleups really feel it. And more people are finding aspects of selling are creeping into their jobs too. Being able to close a sale involves strategy and patience. Here are four habits that highly successful Closers rely on to consistently bring in new business.

1. Closing begins at the start of the pitch:

Highly successful salespeople know that the close begins at the start of the pitch. From the first call with a prospective customer, a Closer strives to understand their challenges, goals, and plans. From day one, they position offerings in a way that’s most compelling for their prospects.

2. Great salespeople work with prospects:

Closers work to make sure a sale will be mutually beneficial and they define their customer’s decision criteria early on. They don’t just rapidly fire information and hope the prospect will bite. When it does come time to talk about pricing, a highly effective salesperson is armed with the information they need to make a compelling recommendation that works for the customer.

3. Highly effective…

Tricia Levasseur

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