2019 Resolutions For Berlin’s Startup Scene

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

3 resolutions to kick-start 2019 in Berlin:

1. Be inspired, don’t just copy:

Business Insider article.

2. Stop competing on price:

Berlin Partner paid for article in the New York Times.

“Expat forums are filled with tips, and an English-speaker advised newcomers to submit CVs, pay slips, credit histories and references to potential landlords. Apartment hunters often wind up starting jobs while they urgently hunt for a home in the evenings. They sleep on friends’ couches, mull bribes and swap stories of scams.”

Allision Williams, Handlesblatt Global

3. Make business regulations more competitive:

Business is thriving again at Berlin’s previously derelict Postdamer Platz.

German GmbH Challenges:

The debate at Techcrunch Disrupt Berlin had two main complaints:

Let’s take a closer look at GmbH Share Options Plan particulars:

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